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Reboot? Return? Revamp? Part 2?

I suppose whatever I choose to call it doesn’t really matter. Fabulously Me is back, baby! I decided to start blogging again after a 3- or 4-year break. It’s been a difficult few years. Without getting into too much detail, happiness has been hard to come by. I was isolated and very much alone, especially over the past year. So I went to a pretty dark place.

It obviously wasn’t all bad.

I took my first solo vacation to Washington & Oregon in May 2019. Just 5 months later I took my second solo trip to England and Scotland. That trip was my first international trip. While both trips were life-changing, the latter made me long to see more of the world. I’ll talk about them in more detail since my “Wanderlust” section will be pretty empty since travel is basically non-existent right now.

I also got my wild boy, Sage the Hurricane Doggo, formerly known as Puppy Tornado. That sassy-pants keeps me on my toes (as long as he isn’t breaking them). He is the most stubborn, sassy, independent, hard-headed, lovable, gigantic ball of fur. I don’t know how I would have got through the past year without him.

Anyway. Back to the blog. I need an outlet so I stop sending my friends 2,304 character texts. I’ll be changing up the focus a bit. Way less of my feeling being out there. I have been working on a fresh look. I’ll be focusing on things I’m doing on my quest to find my happy self again.

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