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100 Ingredients

I pulled this from my old blog. I’ll update it eventually. 

  1. Kit-Kat is my nickname.
  2. For real. My dad gave it to me when I was born.
  3. My real name is Jennie.
  4. My nickname embarrassed me through most of my 20’s.
  5. I’m a 40-something.
  6. I’m 5′ 2″ish.
  7. I say “ish” because I was told in March 2007 that I am 5′ 3 1/2″ – I think they stretched me first.
  8. I have reddish-brown hair and dark brown eyes.
  9. I was once blonde for about 2 hours after a home-highlighting job went awry.
  10. I have four sisters and one brother.
  11. I’m one of the “tall” ones in my family.
  12. I’m the baby. I was an oops.
  13. My brother was supposed to be the last kid. As a result, I claim he stole my birthright. He has always been the spoiled one.
  14. I love him anyway.
  15. My family is my oxygen.
  16. I used to live 3 blocks from one of my sisters and my brother. I miss being able to walk over for an evening by the bonfire.
  17. I don’t remember my dad. He passed away when I was 3.
  18. My mom rocked. She was crazy & silly like I am.
  19. We lost her due to a massive heart attack in her sleep when I was 21.
  20. As a result, I have anxiety attacks from worrying about having a heart attack in my sleep.
  21. The first time I heard my mom tell a dirty joke was on my 21st birthday… To ExHubby#1.
  22. Yup, I was married once twice before.
  23. Now I’m living with the man I fell in love with when I was 18.
  24. Wanna hear the joke?
  25. “Did I ever tell you I have a tatoo of a mouse on my butt? Wanna see it?” (shows him part of her hip/buttcheek) “Uh oh… my pu$$y must have ate it”
  26. Needless to say, I almost fell over from shock.
  27. I don’t have kids yet.
  28. But I have two three 1 fur-baby ies.
  29. There is a tie for my favorite song ever – Sweet Thing and Real Love both by Mary J. Blige. Next Lifetime by Erykah Badu follows close behind.
  30. I use to be a Jeep Owner… and I will be again someday. A REAL Jeep. A Grand Cherokee doesn’t count.
  31. I also want a Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder
  32. My Jeep was my favorite vehicle ever. It sported the license plate TOPHVY.
  33. For those of you that are slow… it’s cuz I have big boobies.
  34. I currently drive a Dodge Shadow that I’ve lovingly dubbed “Stupid Lil Rez Car”. Big Green Jeep Grand Cherokee! Fabulous Toyota Prius. I love this car!!
  35. Did I mention I’m Native American?
  36. I lived on my reservation until I was 18 then I busted outta there.
  37. I moved back in 2004 & lasted a year and a half.
  38. I also lived in Green Bay, Wisconsin for 3 years (2001-2004). I miss it there.
  39. Those 3 years were the only time I lived outside of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.
  40. The Escanaba area feels like “home” to me.
  41. However, love brought me back to Wisconsin. Where I’ve lived since December 2008.
  42. I love Wisconsin.
  43. I also love Green Bay Packers.
  44. I have a degree in Networking.
  45. I also have an MCSE & a Security+ certification
  46. I’m in the field I am because someone called me a chicken when I told him I was afraid to install a sound card.
  47. We worked together for about 5 years. He’s awesome. 🙂
  48. My first experience with “computer repair” was blowing up my sister’s Commodore 64 while she was away at college. I was 11.
  49. I lied to her about what happened & she didn’t find out the truth until I confessed in my graduation speech in December 2003.
  50. I would have never finished getting my degree if it weren’t for her encouragement.
  51. She congratulated me by taking me to see The Radio City Rockette’s Christmas Spectacular in Chicago
  52. We saw them together for the first time on a trip to New York in 1997 (or was it 1998?)
  53. New York City is my favorite city. Followed by Minneapolis, Chicago, & Miami.
  54. I want to visit the western states again someday. I was 8 the first time so I don’t remember much of the trip except getting yelled at a lot for spilling my drinks all over the table (and wearing a Sombrero while sitting on a donkey in Mexico).
  55. I’ve never been to any of the north central or north west states. Some day.
  56. I love cheese. One time I ate a 5 lb block in the matter of a day.
  57. String Cheese is my favorite. It brings out the kid in me.
  58. Mexican & Italian are my favorite ethnic foods. As a result, I make killer fajitas & lasagna.
  59. I cooked on the grill for the first time by myself when I was 30. Now I’m addicted.
  60. I’m not a huge fan of red meat but I’ll eat it every now and then.
  61. My favorite cocktail is a margarita. However, it must be on the rocks with a salted rim.
  62. I love grilling fish & seafood.
  63. Did you ever hear about the big ass fish I caught? It was about the size of a 50 cent piece.
  64. I won’t touch worms. They’re nasty.
  65. People think purple is my favorite color but it really hasn’t been since I was like 16.
  66. Pink, Orange & Red are my favorite colors. I use to hate all 3 of them.
  67. I now have a Fabulous Red collection. The Fabulous Red Purse, The Fabulous Red Bag, The Fabulous Red Laptop Bag, and my Fabulous Red Boots. I have other fabulous red stuff, too, but I’m not going to share those with you.
  68. My favorite TV series ever is Sex and the City. Carrie & Samantha rock.
  69. My current fav is Grey’s Anatomy. McDreamy & McSteamy are McLicious.
  70. McDonald’s fries are McLicious, too. But in a totally different way.
  71. My favorite celebrity boys to look at include (but is not limited to) Taye Diggs, Vin Diesel, and Will Smith. I highly advise against interrupting me while I’m watching any of them.
  72. My favorite ice cream is Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia.
  73. Stawberries are my favorite fruit. They’re sexy like me. *giggle*
  74. The proper way to make a bologna & cheese sandwich is to put a mustard smiley face on one piece of bread, put the two pieces of bread together so its on both, then layer it cheese, bologna, cheese, bologna. Don’t ever try to put the two pieces of cheese or two pieces of bologna together cuz I’ll freak. And, yes, I check for the smiley face.
  75. My shoe size ranges from 6 1/2 – 7 1/2.
  76. I love wearing 3″ heals.
  77. I wish I could wear skirts and look cute. My legs resemble carrots.
  78. I love to buy shoes & purses because they’ll always fit me.
  79. I use to have freakishly strong legs from being a cheerleader in high school.
  80. I was insanely clumsy before I became a cheerleader.
  81. I have a baby scar on the tip of my nose to prove it.
  82. Apparently, when I was 5 I thought my shirt that said Jogging meant that I was supposed to go jogging down our street. As a result, I took a digger and skinned the tip of my nose.
  83. I seem to lack coordination again for some reason.
  84. No, I don’t take diggers… I walk into walls & other objects that never move instead.
  85. I like to dance around my house when I’m home alone. I pretend I can sing, too.
  86. I rarely dance when I go out now. It use to be my sole reason for going out.
  87. Up until my early 30’s I loathed country music. I can tolerate it now & even have a handful of songs on my iPod. Don’t tell anyone.
  88. I like to mow the lawn but I hate to shovel snow.
  89. I love to walk barefoot in the grass. As a result, my summer pedicures don’t last very long.
  90. I could sit in front of a bonfire for hours.
  91. I also love to rake leaves then jump into them in the fall & make snowmen in the winter.
  92. Spring just makes me long for summer.
  93. I’m obsessed with purchasing bath/body & candle products. As a result, I own more lotion & candles then I know what to do with.
  94. I’m getting addicted to coffee… but it has to be flavored.
  95. I once found $147 from the pocket change in all of my coat pockets.
  96. I misplace my driver’s license, debit card, rings, keys, and remotes on a daily basis. But I always find them. Eventually.
  97. I don’t like scary movies… or anything with suspense for that matter.
  98. The Wizard of Oz used to give me nightmares! Stupid flying monkeys.
  99. Popcorn is the best munchie ever!
  100. I officially started feeling old at 32. That’s when the late nights followed by early mornings started catching up with me.
  101. However, just before I turned 33 I started playing with toys & video games & acting like a kid again so I no longer feel old.
  102. Well, with the exception of the gray hair I keep having to hide.
  103. Cheese Omelets rock!
  104. I have a fear of sharp objects as a result of me slicing the tip of my pinky off in 2002.
  105. I hate touching raw chicken. The slimy texture of it gives me the heebie-jeebies.
  106. Speaking of texture, I occasionally can’t eat yogurt, bananas, or cottage cheese because the consistency makes me gag.
  107. That sucks a lot because I love yogurt, bananas, and cottage cheese.