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A Year of Discovering The Authentic Self. Lesson 2: Work

This week’s lesson is to talk about work.


I’ve conditioned myself to stay away from that subject online for many years. It’s not a topic I like to discuss in any sort of public forum, whether it is good or bad. For the sake of this writing assignment, I will say a few things.

No, I don’t work at the pub. But it used to be one of my favorite hangout spots pre-COVID.

I work in IT for the resort. Just over 7 years ago, I was super excited to move home. “It’s my 3rd first day at my new/old job!” This is my third time working for this department. I started back in 1997. I moved away in 2000? 2001? Something like that. I moved back in 2006. Then I moved away again in 2008. Then back again in 2013. Whew. BossMan & I used to joke because I never made it to the 4-year mark in his department. Every year I reassured him, “I’ll make it. I have no intention to move. I’m here for life now.”

Seven years. It feels like it’s been a damn lifetime.

I do like my job. My boss is amazing, one of the most understanding people I ever met. The benefits are amazing. The people here are the absolute best.

The problem is, my life goals have changed. My priorities have changed.

I moved up back home for family. The family changed.

And I haven’t figured out what all of that means exactly yet.

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