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101 in 1001 – The Remix

**This was also pulled from my old blog so links are broken for now**

101 Things
1001 Days
Attempt #2… Let’s do this!

3/14/2015 Update: I decided not to have an end date on this.

Start Date: August 3, 2011
End Date: April 30, 2014 Whenever.

  1. Attend a sporting event other than football Completed 07.28.2012
  2. Bake goodies with a friend
  3. Blog what I dream every day for 1 week [0/7days]
  4. Book a Boudoir Photo Session
  5. Build a snowman Completed 12.20.2012
  6. Buy 5 “I saw this and thought of you gifts” [0/5]
  7. Buy a Devo hat & wear it while dancing to “Whip It”
  8. Buy a different car  Completed 04.18.2012
  9. Carve a pumpkin
  10. Co-host a theme party
  11. Color an entire coloring book
  12. Complete a jigsaw puzzle
  13. Complete the 30 Lists in 30 Days project [30/30] Completed 11.30.2011
  14. Decorate my yard like Candy Land for Christmas
  15. Design & sew a quilt
  16. Do something crafty for each holiday (Valentines, Easter, Independance Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas)
  17. Don’t eat fast food for 1 month [7/30] In Progress
  18. Donate 3 handmade blankets to children charities [0/3]
  19. Donate clothes to Goodwill Completed Summer 2013. My entire wardrobe… Yay for weightloss.
  20. Donate to Locks of Love Cut off my hair before it was long enough to donate
  21. Enjoy a day at a spa
  22. Follow an Instructable
  23. Freya Love: Bake homemade treats for her 3 times [0/3]
  24. Freya Love: Cook homemade meals for her for 1 month (replace soft food add-on to her hard dog food) [0/4weeks]
  25. Freya Love: Teach her how to walk on a leash without pulling
  26. Get a facial
  27. Get a massage 4x [0/4]
  28. Get my makeup done
  29. Give a 100% tip
  30. Give myself a home mani/pedi
  31. Give up social networking for 1 week [0/7days]
  32. Go beachcombing for driftwood and cool stones
  33. Go camping
  34. Go fishing (putting my own the worms on the hook is required – eiw)
  35. Go geocaching 12x [0/12]
  36. Go on a Fall Foliage Driving Tour Completed 10.02.2013
  37. Go on a picnic Completed 08.07.2013
  38. Go out on the lake in a boat Completed 07.04.2013
  39. Go see The Nutcracker
  40. Go Sliding
  41. Go Snowshoeing
  42. Go to a holiday parade Completed 11.17.2012
  43. Go to the batting cages
  44. Go to the Farmer’s Market 3x [0/3]
  45. Go to the movies alone 3 times [0/3]
  46. Go to the playground and play on the swings and teeter totter
  47. Go to the Theater (not movie theater)
  48. Go to Wisconsin Dells
  49. Have a pajama party w/sisters & closest friends
  50. Have the Polaroid photo of Mrs. Claus & her elf (me & mom) redone & framed.
  51. Keep my 3 plants alive until the end of my 1001 – I killed all 3 of them. Dead.
  52. Learn to apply eyeshadow
  53. Light some sparklers
  54. Make a pinata for a girl’s weekend & fill it with fun goodies
  55. Make Caramel Apples
  56. Make marshmallows
  57. Make something from craftster.org
  58. Move out of TheHut.
  59. Obtain my goal weight
  60. Participate in a 5k Completed 7.26.2013
  61. Photo in a photobooth with BF
  62. Pick Berries Completed 06.09.2012
  63. Plant 5 things that are edible [0/5]
  64. Plant flowers
  65. Play hopscotch
  66. Play Twister
  67. Purchase 5 sets of matching bra/undies (I used to be anal about this) [0/5]
  68. Rack leaves into a pile & jump in them
  69. Read 10 novels from this list [0/10]
  70. Ride a go-kart
  71. Ride a Roller Coaster Completed 08.04.2012
  72. Ride a snowmobile
  73. Ride my mountain bike on a trail
  74. Scavenger hunt Completed 08.07.2011
  75. Send a care package to someone random who comments on my 1001 progress posts
  76. Send Birthday Cards via snail mail to siblings and their offspring at least once [0/8]
  77. Send Valentines
  78. Smash something
  79. Start the day by saying something positive within 30 minutes of waking up for 30 days. [0/30]
  80. Stay up & watch a sunrise with BF
  81. Take a dance class
  82. Take a trip to Door County, WI. Visit Husby’s in Sister Bay & go to a winery. Completed 08.04.2012
  83. Take a trip to Marquette, MI. Visit 3rd Street Bagel, Lake Superior Pizza Company, and climb Sugarloaf Mountain. Completed 05.25.2013
  84. Take an allergy test
  85. Take photos of 100 strangers [0/100]
  86. Try a new cuisine
  87. Try a new recipe a month for one year [1/12] In Progress
  88. Turn off all electronic distractions (tv, cellphones, computer, game consoles, etc) for at least 1 hour to enjoy wine by candlelight
  89. Visit 15 restaurants I’ve never been to before
  90. Visit Green Bay like a true Packers Fan Tourist
  91. Visit Rockefeller Center in December
  92. Wade in 5 different lakes [0/5]
  93. Wake up for work on time for 2 weeks straight [0/10days]
  94. Walk at sunset with BF
  95. Watch a chick flick with a girlfriend
  96. Watch a movie at a drive-in theater
  97. Watch all of the Harry Potter Movies. I’ve never watched any of them from start to finish.
  98. Work out 3x a week for 12 weeks [6/3w1,0/3w2,0/3w3,0/3w4,0/3w5,0/3w6,0/3w7,0/3w8,0/3w9,0/3w10,0/3w11,0/3w12] In Progress
  99. Write a list of 101 things that make me happy Completed 08.08.2011
  100. Write a list of 43 Things I Like about Me
  101. For every goal I accomplish, put aside $20 for something special [2/101] In Progress