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I did a thing… What was I thinking?

I signed up for a writing course. Was it just a short course with a handful of lessons? Nope. I dove in. Headfirst. I signed up for a 1-year course. What is the big deal? I have a hard time staying committed to much of anything. That’s the big deal.  I usually quit those 30-day challenges about 2-3 weeks in, at most. I haven’t stayed on-track with a single thing, except procrastinating, since 2013 when I was focused on my health.

In spite of my track record, I think I can do this.

The course is A Year of Writing to Uncover the Authentic Self on DailyOM. I know I wanted to journal my progress as I work through this slump I’ve been in since I moved back home. It seems to help me stay accountable. This course seems to fit my goals. These two points in particular:

  • A deeper understanding of yourself and your truth.
  • How to use writing as a tool for forgiveness and healing of the past by gaining new perspectives.

I did most of this work back in 2013 but a lot has changed since then. Losing people close to me and breaking up with the man I thought was the love of my life had an impact on me far greater than I initially realized. As I made a commitment to myself to “find myself” again in 2021. I made a vision board to help me stay focused on my primary goals for the year. I keep falling off-track but I bounce back and start again. Anxiety & depression is a bitch to beat. It is the same pattern I followed in 2013 before I finally found the one thing that inspired me to stay focused on my health. My hope is that while I work through the course lessons that I find that one thing again.

My 2021 Vision Board

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