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A Year of Discovering The Authentic Self. Lesson 4: Contribution

I’ve had a really difficult time with this topic. The lesson wants us to discuss how we’ve contributed. My understanding is that it wants us to talk about things we do for other people.

My problem is this: I don’t help, contribute, perform random actions of kindness, or anything of the sort to receive recognition from anyone else. While I lack modesty in many areas of my life, this isn’t one of them. I like to stay rather anonymous. I don’t feel the need to publicize and documenting it just seems to cheapen it for me.

I contribute.

I post positive images and quotes when something inspires me.

I love performing random acts of kindness.

I donate to causes close to my heart.

So I guess I’ll just end this lesson with that. I don’t feel the need to expand on it further.

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