Heeeeey… there.

So it’s been a minutes, or 12 days. What have I been up to? Let’s see.

Warning: Random Brain Spew Ahead

My entry, workout room, living room and kitchen are in some sort of order and no longer full of boxes. My hallway is 75% there.

The Packers won a couple of games (ahem haven’t lost since my birthday. I’m totally taking all the credit.)

I went out in my new town for the very first time, but I went to a place that I had dinner. Does that still count?

I’ve become addicted to The Amazing Race and Bad Judge. Oh, and The Voice. Oh my gawd, I love that show. And, seriously, when did I become a fan of Adam Levine?

I got my haircut. It’s a great cut by my stylist at The Main Salon in Green Bay. BUT. It’s a short a-line bob with bangs. One or the other would be great. I’m not digging the two together. However, it looks & feels healthier now and I know I’ll love it in a couple of months. I really want to color my hair because it’s stuck at a weird brassy, red color but it needs one more cut. I may end up using henna in the meantime just to get rid if this ick color. What I really want do is an ombre that goes from my natural color to caramel/dark blonde. Maybe December.

Freya had her first overnight with me. I know I overuse the term “best day ever” but my evening with her was hands down the best day ever. I missed her so much. She did so amazingly well this time. No anxiety at all. She ended up being so comfortable that she roamed around and checked out the apartment on her own after a couple of hours of being a ginormous tail where ever I walked. After what seemed like an eternity (but was only 3, maybe 5 months), it was the best feeling in the world to wake up with my giant doggie sleeping next to me. I’m taking her again over Halloween weekend. I can’t wait. 9 days!

I attended Throwback Weekend in Green Bay, just Saturday night this time instead of the whole weekend. It was great to see friends I chat with almost daily and I got to meet one of my favorites. Words can’t describe how amazing these people are. The majority know how broken-hearted I’ve been about not seeing Freya much since I moved. Nearly every single person I talked to said how happy they were that I finally got to have some quality time with my girl.

Blech. I lost my stupid debit card and it takes TWO WEEKS to get a replacement. I hate carrying cash.

I’m working on a few craft projects. I’m attempting to get the hang of arm knitting again. I’m also freshening up a wooden pumpkin sign that was in storage so I can put him outside (he needed new paint). I’m making insulated roman shades for my windows. AND…. I’m looking at upcycling a bunch of my old sweaters. (Whoa.)

Oh oh! Last night I won tickets from my favorite radio station to a haunted house. I am SO. FREAKED. OUT. I don’t know how I’m going to do this. I’m scared to watch anything with suspense. Halloween for me is full of happy pumpkins and scarecrows, not ghosts, zombies, spiders and other freaky business.

Did I mention the Packers haven’t lost since my birthday?

Did also I mention I get to see Freya again in 9 days?

Theme Song? Err… Theme Song.

And, I’ll close with what I somewhat jokingly call my theme song for Summer 2014, Secrets by Mary Lambert.

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Procrastinate much?

link love > organizing all the stuff.

really, everything > organizing all the stuff.
but it has to get done.
stupid stuff.

(capitalization is hard.)

yumminess i wanna make

craftiness i wanna try

accessorizing-ness i neeeeeed

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A few more notes

I was so excited about documenting the fact that I met Daughtry that I forgot to talk about the music! They didn’t perform Gone Too Soon. I was relieved. However, all the time I spent listening to it over the past 6 weeks helped me heal one of my “broken pieces”. I seriously did a happy clap when they did Start of Something Good the 2nd night. Of course, I had to tell Kim all about the car during the concert. Oopsie.

These were my two favorite songs from the new album that he performed. Continue reading

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How could I forget?

I almost forgot to post here because I’ve talked about it everywhere else. Pretty much beat it dead, really. Soooo… the Daughtry concert was pretty awesome. I ended up going both Friday and Saturday nights since my niece, Rachel, wasn’t able to go on Saturday. I was front and center both nights so I took an insane number of pictures, like 250. Seriously.


One of my favorite pics I took of Chris Daughtry

And this happened before the concert on Friday… * screams like a teen girl *

Daughtry Meet and Greet

Night 1

Continue reading

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Well, this is new-ish.

October feels like a bit of a new beginning for me. Birthday thing aside, the end of September felt like I was closing one door and opening another. Why? Well, in bullet points so I don’t go into too much detail for the gossip hounds…

This is the first time

  • living alone this long, ever. No humans. No pets. Just me. I don’t hate it but I don’t love it yet. I’m told I will.
  • I have a good playlist building that reminds me of absolutely no one.
  • all of my belongings have been in one place since I moved out of my house in 2001. And they’re all “mine”.
  • my “broken pieces” are finally starting to heal. (Being forced to deal with those pieces the past couple months was unnerving but worth it in the end.)
  • I don’t feel the urge to “flee” from my life or family.
  • in as long as I can remember, I truly feel at peace.
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