Think Out Loud Thursday #8


1. Like lullabies you are, forever in my mind.

Lullabies by Yuna. This song is everything. It’s a few years old but I heard it for the first time a couple of weeks ago and it pulled me in. I love how it’s so chill. I swear I could listen to Yuna for hours. My favorite verse is at the 2 minute mark.

2. Creepy Bobble is creepy.

I love this Starbucks travel mug. My niece got it for me for Christmas a couple of years ago. It’s rare you see me walking around work in the morning without it in my hand. When I went to snap a picture of it for this post my creepy Brewers bobblehead was lurking in the background. I changed the focus to intentionally include him.

Coffee Mug and Creepy Bobble

Here are a couple old pics I snapped after I got him last year, just so you get the full effect of his creepability. I swear his eyes follow you.

Creepy Brewers Bobble

I’m going to a Brewers game on Mother’s Day just so I can get a BobbleHank. It’s my hope that having a bobble dog will make Creepy Bobble less creepy.

3. I always have to go the most difficult route to get where I’m going.

I’m combining my personal & work cells. My contract for my work phone was up and I could get a new phone. The point in combining the two was so I can get a new phone AND not have to carry around 2 phones anymore. The contract for my personal cell is transferred but now we’re unsure if I can get a new phone. We may have to do some juggling. Right now both phones are still active and work contacts have both numbers. So…. that means I have to carry both phones around with me at work until we get it figure out. I use to be able to leave my personal cell at my desk. I hope this only lasts a day or so.

 4. 100 Happy Days.

Day 65, Groovy Mover.

I have a new addition to my Watchover VooDoo collection. This cute little fella makes number 6.

100 Happy Days #65. Apr 22, 2015

100 Happy Days #65. Apr 22, 2015

Day 66, Yay for the Heat Pack.

Apparently my body couldn’t decide if it should be a stomach, side, or back sleeper last night. When I woke up this morning I was in one heck of an epic twisty pretzel and my lower back is paying the price. This heat pack I got at a wellness fair my employer sponsored several months ago combined with some stretches came in super handy to give me a little relief from the ouch.

100 Happy Days #66. Apr 23, 2015

100 Happy Days #66. Apr 23, 2015

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Redneck Cavalier.

Every couple weeks on Facebook I’ll update a series of posts about a car I lovingly dubbed Redneck Cavalier. The car amuses me so much that I can’t help but share with others. Today I decided to cross-post over here so my non-Facebook friends can share in my amusement. I only hope that I see it parked somewhere one day so I can snap some pictures.

February 27

There is this car I see every single day on my commute. It’s a Cavalier…

With a tall 6-8″ pipe standing straight up on the trunk, acting as the exhaust. Last night he added a set of those extended truck mirrors. Right now it looks like a ridiculous stereo-typical hick heap on wheels. He clearly has a vision. I’m almost excited to see what he does next.

March 17

Remember that Cavalier I told you guys about a couple of weeks ago? Today was my first time seeing it since.

The dude added a brush guard.I fear that itty bitty car is going through a bit of an identity crisis. I wonder if I’ll see a lift kit & mud tires by the end of the summer.

April 3

Update on the Redneck Cavalier: The dude added little orange flags attached to 4′ poles on both rear quarter panels near the trunk.

April 8

Redneck Cavalier Update: Dude put giant Pontiac logo decal in the rear window.

April 22

Redneck Cavalier Update: Dude attached 5 or 6 little orange lights to the roof.

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Hello, Pretty.

100 Happy Days

Day 64, My New Desk

I finished getting my new desk put back together and arranged this afternoon. Oh boy, what an ordeal that was. The desk had been taken apart and put back together incorrectly several times. I ended up pulling stuff apart and put it back together to make sure the desk was stable. Who in the heck is so lazy that they can’t put 3 drawers back correctly. I mean, really. Anyway. I was able to start organizing once I finished with that nightmare. I’m so happy. I finally have a pretty work space after a year instead of that ugly green desk. I need to buy some plants to give the space a little color.

100 Happy Days #64. Apr 21, 2015

100 Happy Days #64. Apr 21, 2015

There will be just a few more minor updates to my office before I’m completely settled. This back wall was patched for the past few months ago. HCD (Hottie Construction Dude) got busy and forgot to send someone back to paint it. I spotted him in the hallway today and asked about it. He immediately sent over one of the painters to take a look and find out what paint I wanted. My fugly wall will be a darker blue sometime within the next week.

Sad Wall

Once the wall is finished, I’ll just have to find a replacement for the ugly work table. After that I’ll be happy as a clam.

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100 Happy Days

Day 63, My Woobie.

Today was a tough day. It started out well enough. I got to work, got my new desk arranged, ate some chocolate, laughed with my co-workers, had a light above my desk replaced… then things went south. The bulb they put in was a fluorescent. My eyes are severely sensitive to fluorescent lights and I made the mistake of glancing up at it. Moments later my vision was blurred and my brain felt like it was splitting in two. I went to lunch, hoping some caffeine would help relieve the migraine. It cleared up my vision but the headache got worse then I got a stomach ache. After a really tough support call, I told my manager that I needed to go home. An hour drive when you’re sick is a special kind of torture. Plus, this makes 2 days of migraines in under a week. I hate these things. Anyway.

When I got home I burrowed under my blanket pile. When I’m home alone, I cannot sleep without my “woobie”. My woobie is a fleece tie blanket that my sister, Jeanne, gave me a handful of years ago (6, 7, 8 maybe). NewWoobie was featured on Day 3.

100 Happy Days #63. Apr 20, 2015

100 Happy Days #63. Apr 20, 2015

I know, it’s weird that an adult needs a security blanket but whatever. There’s something about the extra weight of the blanket that comforts me enough to make me drift off to Slumberland in no time. I’ll even use  it when it’s ridiculously hot in my apartment during the summer months. But, to work correctly, the blanket has to cover my shoulders and touch my face. It’s a little short so during the winter I’ll sleep with it under the sheet and I’ll curl up into a little ball. Once I’m warm enough I’ll wiggle out of it and kick it to the side (or fling it off during the warmer months). But, no matter what, I always have to fall asleep with my woobie.

I’m such a child.

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100 Happy Days

Day 62, Treasure

When I first moved into my apartment my sister gave me this area rug she had in her living room. It is in good company with Mom’s rocking chair, my custom-made furniture and the black pottery pieces from D’s family as being one of the treasured items in my apartment.

100 Happy Days #62. Apr 19, 2015

100 Happy Days #62. Apr 19, 2015

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