Smoochie's Skull Flap

Choices for Smoochie’s Skull Flap

I sent D this picture asking, “Which one should I use for Smoochie’s new skull flap?” Maybe I should have warned him I was calling Smoochie’s hole repair fabric a skull flap because he responded, “The music notes because it’s happiest with the rainbow colors… and does not look like blood color.” Oops.

Honestly, I was hoping he’d pick the music notes skull flap but asked for his opinion anyway. He has to look at Smoochie every day so better not to accidentally offend him… with something that might be too close to the color of blood. My reasoning is that Freya loves music. One of her favorite things to do is to chill at D’s feet while he plays guitar. If she loves a song, she’ll snuggle his feet. If she hates it, she’s sigh emphatically.

Smoochie's New Brains

Smoochie’s New Brains

This is what I decided to use for brains. I can’t find any batting leftover from other projects and had these scraps saved for whatever reason.

D had a great idea for me to include a little something of mine in with Smoochie’s brains. That way Freya will have something of mine that she can smell when she plays with her favorite stuffie. Such a thoughtful idea. I never would have thought of that.

When she lived with him as a pup, I use to sleep with an extra travel pillow then give her pillowcase to snuggle during the week while we were away from each other. I went through a lot of pillowcases but it was well worth it.

Anyway. Here’s Smoochie, all clean & prepped for surgery. I hope it’s successful. I never performed brain surgery before.

Prepped For Surgery

Prepped For Surgery

As Dr. Derek Shepherd would say, “It’s a beautiful day to save lives!” (and stuffies!)

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Lunch Thought Spew

Freya Loves Football

  • Walking is hard. Buns. Thighs. Ow.
  • I still have a good 35 pounds or so on my niece. Why do people still confuse us from a distance? Today it was one of her BFFs. I mean… Really.
  • I’m thinking about doing the Mackinac Bridge Walk/Run on Monday. It’s been about 15 years since the last time I did it. I wonder if I’m brave enough to walk across now.
  • Seriously… My right glute. Every. single. step. I’ve never been so aware of my butt.
  • I love food so why do I keep forgetting to eat?
  • Oh, my football loving dog. (See header.) Hopefully she doesn’t destroy that toy because there’s no fixing that one.
  • I’m not in one single Fantasy Football League this year. I went from 3 to none. So weird.
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Beverages, Brains, and Other Stuff

Just a little terrrs-tee.

I managed to make it through the day yesterday on one cup of coffee. I did, however, drink nearly 2 gallons of water and a quart of kombucha. I still feel dehydrated.

After 2 days, just 2 what-use-to-be-easy-but-nearly-killed-me workouts, and over 3 gallons of water, I dropped an inch and a half off my waist. Yeah. I measured twice to make sure. For those of you I whined to, see what I mean by dehydrated and bloated? Stupid delicious beer.

Dumping my brains.

I’ve taken to offline journaling to in the form of a 1 hour brain dump before I go to bed that is immediately deleted. I did this last summer as part of a healthy eating/wellness cleanse but in 15 minute increments. I clearly have a bit more going on right now.

(Side note: I hate using the word cleanse because it’s not like the commercial cleanses that make BS claims. That’s just what it was called.)

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Early Morning Blerg

IMG_1386I didn’t realize Magic 8 Ball was referring to sleep with the whole “don’t count on it” thing.

I don’t like when a guy I’m in a relationship calls me “hun” so anyone want to take a stab at how much I like the random gas station clerk calling me that?

A lot of people sell garlic up here.

Was there any good music released this summer?

Is the lack of a routine a routine? Because structure is hard.

Why did the chicken cross the road? No, really. Why? I almost hit it.

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Randomness – The P.M. Version


While I was whining about getting twitchy after deleting one of my social media accounts, my dear Koala friend suggested I write my randomness down on a piece of paper, make copies of it then distribute it on a street corner. Genius, I tell ya. I thought about it. The writing it down part, anyway. I did it before. Twice. However, this time I changed my mind and signed up for 30 Days of Lists instead. Focused random. Or something like that.

Watered down version of why I deleted previously mentioned account.

I’m dealing with a ginormous pile of poo right now. That poo came flying at me from all directions this weekend and I hit my breaking point. As silly as it might sound, having that account active right now keeps me from dealing with the poo in a healthy way. Easier to vent and avoid than to process. Or something like that.

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