Nearly 9 years ago I fell in love with a fabric line, 1974 by Moda’s Urban Chicks. I fell in love the fabric name since 1974 was the year I was born. The fact that I loved the patterns and colors was a bonus. I purchased a fat quarter bundle in January 2009. I planned to make a quilt. But there was a problem… I couldn’t find a pattern worthy of slicing up my treasured fabric.

I finally found a pattern last year. It took me all this time to decide that it really was “the one.” I bought the pattern last week. It requires 20 fat quarters.

WHAT? Now I have to choose 20 and leave 16 behind?! Oh, the agony!

Decisions are hard. Really hard. It took me a few days but I did it. Here are my selections…

1974 by Urban Chicks

To make sure I didn’t back out, I washed the fabric. They are no longer neatly folded and part of the bundle. Now I’m really committed. All I have left to do (as far as fabric selection is concerned) is to hunt around for fabric for the 2 coordinating colors and backing. That process should be less traumatic for me.

These are the cuts I decided to save for another project.

1974 by Urban Chicks.
The red and yellow pieces kept finding their way into the quilt pile. I ultimately pulled them out because I didn’t want my year-round bedroom quilt to be that vibrant. They’ll make a nice throw or seasonal quilt.

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4 Responses to 1974

  1. Jeanne says:

    Nice! What do you need the two coordinating colors for? The quilt top? Once you get it put together, the decision on the backing color should be fairly easy.

  2. Jeanne says:

    I like! If it were me, I’d go with the lighter blue for the inner border and maybe a brown for the outer border.

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