Wolf Print Tattoo - Before

Before, just an outline

Just over 2 years ago I had tattoo done, the outline of a wolf print. I chose a wolf print because I’m wolf clan. My intent at the time was to have it filled in with the meaning of my Native name but have since changed my mind. Mostly because I can’t find an accurate Ojibwe story so it can be translated to a sketch. I’ve been looking for years. If I find it, I’ll have it placed elsewhere.

I’ve been following a tattoo artist since I moved to Marinette. His shop is in a new location and I drive by it at least 3x a week. After months of talking about it, I finally scheduled a consultation to meet with him. I was supposed to go Monday but got held up in Shawano and ended up rescheduling for last night.

When I met with InkDude and explained what I wanted, he saw that it was super simple. Luckily for me, he had someone cancel on him so he could do it right after his next appointment. Otherwise I was looking at 6-8 weeks out.

I’m super lucky like that. The place in Green Bay was able to squeeze me in right away when I got the outline done, too.

Wolf Print Tattoo - After

After, shaded.

Since I went to my appointment right after work I ran home to change my clothes and eat a few bites. And psych myself out about owie needle and gross blood.

Oddly, it didn’t hurt this time. It felt more like a pinch with some pressure. I was having a  good time chatting with InkDude and the other worker. Their conversation turned to tattoo removal after a request came in to do a cover-up. I sat and listened to them discuss 2 different methods of removal. Then they got into details. Like “smells like flesh burning” details.

Suddenly, I started getting warm so I wiggled out of my hoodie. That was quickly followed by sweat and feeling light-headed. I told InkDude that I needed to lean. The other worker turned around, looked at me and recommended that I lay down instead. I guess I looked a little pale.

They gave me a bottle of water and some dark chocolate M&Ms to level me out. I bounced back almost immediately. I explained that I didn’t eat much and I don’t love needles so combined with my adrenaline pumping because I was excited and the talk about flesh burning… that was enough to push me over the edge. I took a few minutes to finish my bottle of water and another handful of M&Ms then we were at it again. It took less than 1/2 hour from start to finish, including my down time.

The “after” pic I took was more to show off the cute little sleeping braids I’m trying out. My hair is getting long enough to start choking me in my sleep. It’s not fun to wake up feeling like I’m getting strangled.

Anyway. Below is the close up. This was just a couple of hours after so it was super red. I’m impressed at how much the redness disappeared already. I’m also impressed there’s not a whole lot of ooze like last time. The shading won’t be so dark once I’m healed. It will be dark to light gray to my skin tone.

Wolf Print Tattoo - Close Up

Close Up!

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