Hello, from your friendly neighborhood repairman

Ever since I first started coming down to see D, he’s had problems with the oven. The switch was really tricky and you’d have to wedge paper under one side to get it to work. Even then, the oven would go out sometimes. We constantly had to listen closely while we were baking anything. In February the switch finally had enough. Instead of having the oven replaced, we chose to repair it. In order to get the old oven out and a new oven in, we’d have to completely clear our hallway and deal with taking the front door off. No thanks.

D & I ripped the oven apart to pull the oven selector switch off. I ordered what I was told was the replacement part but it was the wrong one. It took months to find the correct replacement switch because the oven is really old. I finally found one back in September. I replaced the switch myself and, YAY, it worked… for about 2 weeks then the oven started taking forever to heat. When I say forever, I mean it took about an hour to reach 350. This is a huge problem since I’m a fall baker.

Today I was finally irritated enough where I ripped the stove apart. Again. I used a multimeter to test the bake element to find out that it’s dead now. Thank goodness I easily found the replacement part on eBay and it’s reasonably priced. It’s supposed to be here either Wednesday or Thursday.

I’m in the process of putting the oven back together so the oven can be pushed back into place and the stove top can be used in the meantime. As soon as the part comes in, I’ll be ripping it apart again. Hopefully that will be the last time I take that darn thing apart. At least out of all of this I know how to repair an oven now!

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