30 Days of Lists v2, Day 2 – I’m happiest when…

  1. I’m with family.
  2. I complete a craft.
  3. I finish cooking a tasty meal.
  4. I’m cruising in The Jeep, going nowhere in particular, listening to music.
  5. I get home and Freya greets me with her all of her love and excitement.
  6. he smiles and winks at me from across the room.
  7. I’m decorating my Christmas tree. I love Mom’s ornaments.
  8. we (as a ‘family’) spend lazy weekend mornings in bed snuggling & wrestling.
  9. my family laughs together… we all sound the same so it makes me laugh harder.
  10. I find old  “treasure” (memorabilia) – especially when its something I haven’t come across in a while.
  11. I see Mom’s handwriting.
  12. the seasons change… each season brings a new beginning.
  13. someone in my family cooks/bakes something and it tastes just like Mom’s.
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