Weekend Goals Recap

I managed to only complete two of my goal for the weekend. I tried a new recipe and didn’t have to go into work.

The work thing was easy because I didn’t get paged. However, after I got there today, I wish I would have taken a drive in on Saturday like my gut-instinct was telling me to do. From what I can gather some no-great decisions were made and some things were down all weekend. Instead of people calling to make me aware of them, they just left them broke. Nice for an easy weekend but not-so-nice to deal with first thing on Monday morning.

The recipe I made was pretty simple. I made a sweet compound butter to have with my morning toast. I let a stick of butter get to room temperature then mixed it with a tablespoon of honey, tablespoon of cinnamon, and a couple tablespoons of confectioners sugar (guessing on that measurement because I started at 1 tablespoon then aded to taste). Just like any compound butter recipe suggests, I rolled in into some parchment paper & put it in the fridge. I didn’t make the butter until yesterday evening so I didn’t get to try it until this morning. Yummmmmmy! Very tasty.

Speaking of honey…

This never-ending cough I seem to have got the best of me again on Friday. I did some research on natural remedies and found out in addition to soothing your throat, that honey is a natural antibiotic. I had already been adding honey to my TheraFlu like my niece suggested to make the TheraFlu taste better. I just started mixing a tablespoon of honey with hot water (no tea bags and didn’t feel like going anywhere) a few times a day. What a difference it started making! I still have a lingering cough but the coughing fits are few and far between now. The honey I have is made locally so it should also help with my seasonal allergies. And, let me tell you, mixing it with hot water is so much easier than downing a tablespoon of pure honey like I was last year. Blech. I wish I would have thought of that last spring when my seasonal allergies we kicking my toosh!

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