The Little Voice That Made My Night

Last night BF & I were relaxing after supper, getting ready to start our night of gaming & surfing the net (exciting couple, aren’t we??) when my phone rings. I usually don’t answer calls from numbers I don’t recognize but decided to answer it anyway. On the other end I hear in a little voice, “Hello? Auntie” then the call dropped. It sounded a bit like my niece, Rachel. I rarely get calls and when I do it’s usually not happy chatty calls (most other conversations are handled by text) so before I called back assuming it was her & not a wrong number, I started looking up possible numbers that she’d be calling me from. A couple minutes later a text comes in…

Hi aunty jenny its . ‘s daughter. can u give me a call or my mom a call. her number is xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Of course, I immediately go into rescue mode as I’m calling her mom because the last phone call I got from them was that they were home alone and there was a tornado warning (mom was on an EMT run and dad was running a little late working in the woods). I was so delighted that it wasn’t that it wasn’t that type of call at all. Her mom tells me that she was calling to ask if I could take her, her brother, and one of her friends to WWE in October because they didn’t know of another adult that liked wrestling. My heart literally melted right there. My signal hung on long enough for me to get the highlights before it dropped again and the rest of the plans had to be handled via text.

That little girl is soooo excited. Apparently she’s been talking about it for months… so much so that her little brother made it clear recently that he wasn’t going to miss out on the fun. During my texts with her she thanked me (and called me auntie) 4 times. She also asked if her & her brother could make a sign to see if we could get on TV.

Now I have to explain why I’m making such a big deal about her calling me Auntie…

ExH2 had both a niece and nephew. Of course, he was always Uncle but his family had this really weird thing about the kids not being allowed to call me Aunt/Auntie even though we were married. His niece was even corrected once after calling me Auntie. Yeah, really. AND we weren’t allowed hang out with his nephew because ExMILfromHell didn’t think we were capable of watching a child. As you could imagine, that whole thing never sat well with me. I absolutely adored both kids so it was a really heartbreaking situation.

Anyone that knows me, knows I love being an auntie… it’s a badge I wear with pride. When we first started dating, I told him about what I had to deal with in ExH2’s family and his reply was, “It’ll be okay. You have new nieces and nephew now.” Just like that. However, because of the weirdness with ExH2’s family, I sort of stood back & waited to make sure it was “okay” to get close and we never really were as a result.

Earlier this summer we went to BF’s parent’s house for a BBQ. It had been a few months since I saw the kids and was so delighted that I finally let my guard down. That day was the first time his 4 year old niece called me Auntie. As we were leaving, she wrapped her little arms around me and said, “I love you, Auntie Jennie!” I literally had to choke back tears.

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