What a bunch of garbage!

New neighbors moved in few months ago. They’re pretty awesome… non-nosey, non-confrontational, non-murderers. They have 4 little ones that are completely adorable. Because I don’t have kids myself and perhaps that’s why I can’t wrap my head around this but they seriously have at least twenty bags of garbage outside every single week. They’re not even home all day so I couldn’t imagine how many more bags they’d have if they were!

P.S. These are non-nosey facts… I’ve had conversations with them and they mentioned they work and go to school. I see the piles of garbage bags when I leave for work so they obnoxiousness is right there. Okay, maybe the counting was nosey but after seeing it for the last 3 months and thinking ‘OMG’, curiosity get the best of me and I had to.

Am I the only one that finds that number shocking?

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