Seasons Change

I can’t believe four months passed since the last time I posted an entry. I mean, I know I’m not the most dedicated blogger but four months?  It’s funny how that time just slipped right by since I’m Twitter and Facebook are so handy for my quickly changing highs, lows, and everything in between. So what’s happened in the last four months? Lemme see…

  • I took a ride up to Michigan to spend the 4th of July with my family. That was the last time I was up there… I think.
  • I got a temporary promotion. Sometimes it’s a blessing, sometimes a nightmare. Lately, it’s quickly burning me out.
  • I had a birthday… It was pretty uneventful since it was the first day of a big install at work.
  • I’ve been in Las Vegas twice. I’m suppose to go to Colorado in 2 weeks but I’m secretly hoping that it gets canceled because I’m not up for being away from home for another week.
  • I’m trying to come to terms that I probably have to put down my Denzel within a year. He’s near deaf and blind and gets easily confused. It’s been progressively getting worse over the past few months. *tear*
  • I joined Jeanne in Green Bay for her birthday. It was awesome. I’ve really been needing to spend time with old friends & family.
  • And, you know I can’t forget gaming… I picked up DJ Hero last week and love it. Getting my two hands to work together has proved to be a bit challenging for some odd reason.
  • Modern Warfare 2 comes out next Tuesday! However, I was completely brilliant and scheduled a 3-day upgrade that starts on release day. Brilliant thinking there. Will I be 100% that day? I think not.

So, you see… pretty uneventful. Work consumed most of the summer. So much so that I joke that I’m sporting the GeekyPale look from not getting enough exposure to sunlight. Seeing as I’m Native American and I’m naturally tanned, this is quite the amusing look on me.

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