Some Bad Luck and a little bit of speed

I’ve been putting off sewing for months now. I have everything I need except the courage to start. The quilt project seemed to be overwhelming so I decided to work on something smaller for myself. I’d rather practice on projects for myself then tackle a larger project as a gift for someone else (since I’m inexperienced there’s a larger chance of flubs). I’m making Dave some oven mitts for my first project. It has been driving me insane that he doesn’t have any so I decided to make him some super cool guy-ish oven mitts. This isn’t technically a project for “myself” but it’s staying in the house so I’m less nervous about it.

Dave's Rockin' Oven Mitts: The Fabric

I’m using Alexander Henry’s Bad Luck Club Skull fabric on the outside with red cotton fabric for the lining and black cotton fabric for the binding. I got the idea from Miss Behave. She used the same pattern but in red for oven mitts for her brother.

In other news, I’m very impatiently waiting on the tires for Big Pinkie. After waiting an eternity (a week) I finally got shipment confirmation today. I’m seriously not happy that they waited a week to tell me that they’re out of stock on my rear tires. I’m even more unhappy that the car won’t be ready for me to bring up Home this weekend so I can show my nephew my super cool R/C.  I can probably bring up the car using the original body & tires but its so disappointing. I wanted my car to have her debut run as Big Pinkie… not The Hottie. The Hottie just looks like she’s been in a rumble or two.

The Hottie

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