Broken Blog & Snow Flurries

I finally got my blog fixed tonight. It was a pretty minor issue and I probably could have had it done on Thursday but I was pretty distracted since I got to Boyfriend’s Thursday night. One of BF’s molars broke & he’s been in some intense pain. The majority of my time since I got here was spent comforting him & finding ways to keep him busy so he wasn’t concentrating so hard on how much his mouth hurts. I’m so happy he’s able to get in to the dentist tomorrow morning & hopefully get it taken c It’s tough seeing him in so much pain.

We got a few more inches of snow down here today. My furbabies are having so much fun in it. Denzel looks like The Abominable Snow Doggie everytime he comes in. Freya thinks the fresh powder is the greatest thing since the invention of cheese. She races around the house as fast as she can, creating her own little snow flurries. And Reggie started a new thing this year… he flops on his back and squirms all over then when he’s done, he hops up & looks at the spot he rolled in. LOL I really wonder if he’s trying to make a doggie version of a snow angel. It’s so cute.

So that’s about it for now, I guess. You’ll be seeing me updating more often since I signed up for Holidailies 2008. Hopefully I can keep myself motivated so I can finish it this year!

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