I haven’t been an A-cup since I was in 5th Grade

image …but when it comes to saving boobies, I don’t mind taking a few steps back!

October is Breast- Cancer Awareness Month so if you get a chance, stop by www.boobiethon.com to submit your rack and/or make a donation

I’ve been aware of Boobie-thon for 4 years now but this is the first time I stepped up & donated (which is why I’m an itty-bitty A-cup). I love my boobies and couldn’t imagine if I lost them so I figured it was about time I stopped saying “I support this cause” and actually started supporting it. I realize I didn’t make a huge donation but every little bit helps.  Besides, when it comes down to choosing between something to feed my gaming addiction and my boobies, I’ll choose my boobies.  Plus, the donor buttons/badges are absolutely adorable. The BigBoobieGirl in me is totally kicking my ass for not donating in the past so I could at least be a D-cup but I’ll proudly display my cute little training bra badge and dedicate myself to become the DD-cup Supporter!

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  1. Jenn says:

    The Boobiethon was a great success this year. Mel is awesome! A super woman. )

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