She needs an intervention… or something.

A couple nights ago I was enjoying a Bacardi Silver Mojito, Freya came up & wanted to try some. I pulled out an itty bitty bowl for her and poured about a couple tablespoons in so she could try it. The first lick made her back up… then her eyes got wide… then she lapped up the rest. She would.not.stop.begging until I gave her more. She even picked up the little dish & put it on my leg. I gave her about another tablespoon & told her that was it cuz she’s too young to drink. She laps that up then put the dish on my leg again. I told her she wasn’t allowed to have anymore so I put the dish in the sink.

Last night I put the empty bottles next to my door so I would remember to bring them out to the garage this morning. Out of the corner of my eye I just saw Freya by the door so I turned my head to see what she was up to. She was licking the darn mojito bottles and was about to pick one up with her teeth!  Silly, silly girl.

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