Upgrade, Export, Import… lather, rinse, repeat

Over the weekend I decided to import my old entries from my old blogs (Chit-Chat and a couple of the spin-offs). The project is going to take more time than I planned if I do all the blogs because I no longer have MT installed anywhere and Chit-Chat is sitting on an old EE install. What I thought was going to be about a 30 minute project is going to take at least a few hours. Bleh. I’m not so sure why I suddenly got the urge to merge my blogs. Bonnie asked me to when I started Fabulously Me but I kept putting it off because it was more work than I wanted to do at the time. I totally understand my thoughts there. Oh well… I’m committed to doing it now so in the next day or so all of my posts from my old blogs will be in my archives.

So, that’s what I’m up to over the next couple of nights. Whoopie! Oh yeah. I’m on-call this week, too. I’m sure that will be equally entertaining.  smirk

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