I’m a little achy today

Perhaps I should have waited. I was asking for help for a reason. The task just seemed far too overwhelming for me to do on my own but last night I decided to do it anyway. I moved my pine corner desk last night. Moving it required me to completely take it apart and haul it piece by piece from my old office to the living room then reassemble it. Wanna take a guess at how much fun that was to do without a cordless screwdriver? Better yet, wanna take a guess at how easy it was to “slide” it into place on carpet when the bottom is still bare plywood. Sliding into place was more like lifting and moving each side 1/4” at a time. I had to wait until it was fully assembled to put it in the corner because each shelf was screwed in from the back and the bottom.

Honestly, I’m not complaining about the construction of the desk. I love my desk. That’s why I’ve been trying to get it moved into my living room for the past year. It was custom made it for me by ExH and he wanted to make sure it would withhold the stress of any weight I’d put on it.

Whining aside, I’m very happy my desk is finally in my living room. It matches the oak bookshelf ExH made for me.  (Yes, I realize they are two different types of wood…. I stained them to match each other.) The two pieces are my favorite and add life to what was a somewhat blah room.

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