Finally feeling like “Home”

I’ve been living in this house for two and a half years. I love the house, the yard, the neighborhood… everything. However, it never felt like “home” to me. All the walls and flooring are a shade of white or beige so everything seems so sterile. When I first moved from Michigan to Wisconsin in 2001, I had some big, beautiful plants.  Unfortunately, only two of them survived the move into my new apartment. Only one of those survived the move from my apartment to my duplex. The last didn’t survive my move back to Michigan in 2004 and I’ve been plantless ever since.  After I made up my mind that I was going to move my desk yesterday, I went to Wal-Mart and bought two plants and two clay pots.

My New Plants
My Plants & Pots – Home from the store

I chose two vine plants I was very successful at growing in my old house – an ivy and a nephthytis (I just learned the name of that one).  Those suckas had vines that stretched across across the length of my old living room. It was awesome!  I wanted to start with small plants – but not from slips because I those seem to take forever to grow and almost always die on me.  I also decided to get cheap clay pots because I knew I’d be repotting the plants again in a couple months. I hate putting tiny plants in bigger pots then (im)patiently wait for the plants to grow into them.  I’d rather deal with the dirty mess of repotting again.  Anyway, with that in mind, I knew I had plenty of craft paint at home to make the ugly clay pots pretty so instead of paying $5-$15 per pot they cost about $1 each.  I painted the pots yesterday evening before I started TheBigDeskMove so they’d have plenty of time to dry before they became homes to my new plants.


Didn’t they turn out pretty?  Its funny how moving my desk and getting a couple plants made such a huge difference in the way I feel about the house.

Its pretty ironic that its starting to feel like home when I’m trying to move out, though! smile

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