Thursday can’t come fast enough!

The digital camera that had a fateful trip to Vegas three and a half long months ago is finally getting replaced.  Boyfriend asked me to order an amp and some speakers for him yesterday. I ended up saving him some $$ and he said I could keep it to treat myself something.  My first thought was “I can replace camera!!”  I did a ton of research last night & this morning.  I finally decided on one and ordered it this afternoon.  I got free 2-day shipping on it so I’ll have my new baby in my hands on Thursday.  I can’t begin to explain my excitement.  I’ve been so lost without a camera. Granted, I have my cellphone but the quality just doesn’t cut it.

Note: Even though my old camera is broke, I haven’t been able to part with it. It’s still sitting next to my couch where I look at it everyday wishing there was something I could do to make it feel better again. smile

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