It’s Gonna Rain On Your Head!

Last night I took a quick trip to Walmart to grab a few things.  While I was in there it started raining… HARD. I roamed around Walmart for an extra 20 minutes waiting for the rain to slow down & headed to the checkout when I didn’t hear the rain pounding on the building anymore.  Well, the slow down was still a downpour… I got soaked on my way out to my vehicle.

On my way home I was amazed at how much flooding there was.  The water was passed the curb in some spots.  Just 2 blocks from my house there was a tree laying across the street.  I found out later that the storm caused a bit more damage in the neighborhood. I was so distracted by the tree in the street that I didn’t even notice the tree laying on top of Bonnie’s truck.

Once I got home and unloaded my Walmart loot (and got a second dose of drenched from the pool of water just before my front porch) , I went downstairs to start my laundry so I could get all my stuff packed & loaded in the truck in the evening.  That way, all I’d need to do after work today is load the doggies in the truck & get headin’ to BF’s for the weekend. Well, Mother Nature had another plan for me. The short & sudden downpour caused my basement to have a minor flood.  Some old blankets, sheets, rugs, on my basement floor got drenched… but at least they stopped the water from spreading too far. Unfortunately, those 5 loads of laundry took priority over my clothes so they wouldn’t start to mildew.

I ended up getting up at 6 a.m. so I could finish my laundry.  My clothes still aren’t packed and I have 3 doggies that need baths when I get home from work (I refrained giving them baths last night because I wanted them to be nice & fresh & clean and the humidity from last night and today would make them little stink bugs again).  So much for getting to BF’s early today. :(

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