It Squeaks!

This is Freya’s first encounter with her Squeak. I missed the first 10 seconds of her playing with it and, of course, that was the first time she made it squeak. She absolutely loves this toy!

Her favorite thing to do is squeak the hell out of it while Dave is sleeping. One day I told her, “Shh! You can’t play with Squeak right now. David is sleeping.” So what does she do? Looked at me, bat it 3 times with her paw to make is squeak extra loud then walked away from it.

(The video was so much better with sound but Dave was on the phone. The glove on the floor is used for our play time. She’s learning that it is only okay if she bites the glove.)

*sniff* My baby girl is so little here. :(

I also have a video from this past weekend of her dragging Reggie around the living room by his tail because he wouldn’t play with her.  It was quite comical. Reggie even tolerated it for about a minute.  She just loves the boys but they want nothing to do with her.  I limit their time together right now because they teamed up on her once when all three dogs made it to the front door before we did.  I caught them just before they attacked.  Fortunately, she still loves them and will take a nap next to their houses just so she can be close.  I do have to admit, all 3 of them are getting better around each other but the tolerance level of my boys is still pretty low.

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