Just like her Momma!

Boyfriend called me with the Daily Freya Report this morning while they were playing outside.  Freya loves to do this pant leg tug thing.  We thought she was just trying to play but this morning he figured out what she’s trying to do.  She’ll tug on your pant leg to corral you in or get you where she wants you to go… just like her Mom did to keep all the puppies from running to far away from the house when they were out of their fenced in area. It was quite hilarious to watch Midnight (Freya’s mom) keeping all the puppies in line when we had them out.  When she thought one was too far away, she’d run after it then tug on its back legs to get it to come back toward the house. She was a busy dog because two of Freya’s sisters liked to venture off in different directions.

This is the second MomTrick that Boyfriend saw Freya picked up.  The first one we noticed was when we were visiting the other puppies on Tuesday. He brought Midnight a couple steak treats. Freya just happened to snag one and took off running to the corner of the house. She immediately started digging a little hole, dropped the bit of steak, and covered it up. It was in the exact same spot where Midnight hid a piece of pizza using the same method on Saturday. That’s the only time Freya did any sort of digging… and at least she had a purpose and was good enough to cover the hole back up!  smile

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