The story of Little Miss Freya Ahnung

A little over a month ago I was visiting Boyfriend and his cousin stopped by. He asks me, “You want a pup?” I declined because I already have two dogs and the pups he was referring to will grow into really big dogs.  The mother is a husky/malamute mix and the dad is a rottweiler.  He already asked Boyfriend but he declined because he’s saving to buy his next dream dog, a Neapolitan Mastiff. Yup, he loves big dogs.

During a phone call a couple weeks ago Boyfriend said that his brother decided to take one, possibly two, of the pups and explained the ones he thought were the best.  That weekend when I was down he brought me to visit them so I could see which ones he was talking about.  It was a little late when we were there, the mother wasn’t around, and none of the pups wanted to come out of the dog house.  Fortunately it was light enough so I was able to see who he was talking about.  One was a big, scruffy, thick coated, black/white/grey male that looked very much like a husky or malamute. The other was a brown and white female with silver eyes and some rottweiler markings. I fell in love with the female as soon as I saw her and was excited she would be part of the family.

Last Thursday night I get a phone call from Boyfriend. He didn’t sound quite like himself so I asked him what was up. He asks me, “Are you sure you aren’t ready for another dog?” He proceeded to tell me his brother wasn’t going to be able to take either pup and his cousin was talking about bringing them to the humane society if he couldn’t get rid of them. My heart sank. I told him as an absolute last resort I would take the brown female because I couldn’t stand the thought of her ending up at the humane society.

I woke up Friday morning and the puppy was the first thing I thought about. I sent Boyfriend a text explaining my concerns about getting a third dog – training her, the reaction of my boys, her picking up the bad habits of my boys, and her getting attached to him instead of me. He offered to take care of her until he got his dog, which is about a year away. Since he’s off work because of spring break-up & road restrictions right now, he has all the time in the world to dedicate to her.  I sent him a reply saying that my heart knew what I wanted but my head was trying to rationalize because I didn’t want the lack of kids to turn me into Dog Lady.  A short time later I took him up on his offer. I figured this way my boys would get use to her slowly and, well, Denzel’s health is declining and I know his time with me is getting really limited. *tear*

Over the weekend we visited the puppies a few times – just in case I decided I wanted a different one that I originally thought.  I knew there was no changing my mind. It was cemented on Saturday afternoon when the brown female gave me kisses to let me know she loved me, too.  That night I asked Boyfriend for his help naming her because I was stuck.  He gave me about a hundred suggestions but the one I liked the best was the one he was going to name his last dog if she was a female…. Freya – the goddess of love and fertility. We decided to wait until Sunday evening to pick up the puppy so me and the boys could spend some time with her before we returned back to Michigan but not so much time that neither the pup or my boys would over stress.

Sunday afternoon on the way out to get her I told him that I was kind of thinking about naming her Ahnung, which means star in Ojibwe. I explained that my native name is Wabun Ahnung (Morning Star), Denzel’s registered name is Midnight Star, and Reggie’s registered name is Majic Star. The names were a total coincidence. I had my boys a few years before I was given my native name and I didn’t realize that we were all “stars” until a couple months ago when I found their registration papers again. I told him I really liked the name Freya but wanted to keep the connection between all of us and I’d decide for sure what I wanted her name to be once I spent some time with her. That’s when he explained his last dog, Magnus, had a Menominee middle name (just to give you some insight on how great he is with dogs – Magnus understood both English and Menominee and responded to sentences in either language rather than just commands).

FreyaWhen we arrived to pick her up, Boyfriend was walking ahead of me talking to the mother to let her know we were coming to take the brown pup home.  At that time all of the puppies were chillin’ in the dog house. As soon as I started talking the brown puppy came tearing out of the house toward me! She recognized my voice already! That was such a great feeling and I knew I made the right decision to keep her.  When we got home with her my boys were SO excited to see her their new sister was.  Little did they know she was going to keep the whole house up most night because she missed her family.  Since I had to get up early to drive home, Boyfriend stayed up most of the night with her.  A couple of times during the night I heard little puppy paws scrambling in the bedroom and him telling her “Hey! Get out of there! Let her sleep!”  When I got up, he explained that she also tried to climb up my suitcase to lay on top of my clothes. I changed the bedding the night before so I had a mismatched pillowcase from home in my pile of dirty clothes that I could give her. As soon as I put it on the floor she wrestled with it for a few minutes then laid down and started to fall asleep.  Had I realized that was all it took I would have done that hours earlier! smile

Boyfriend has been giving me frequent updates.  He says she’s been really great and has a comical personality.  She’s whining less frequently about missing her family now and already lets him know when she has to go outside. After their playtime she’ll rest on the living room carpet for a while but she’ll eventually go into her pen so she can snuggle with my pillowcase.  If she’s awake when we’re on the phone, she’ll hear my voice and her ears will perk up.  She even peaked in the bedroom a few times looking for me! It’s so awesome that she knows I’m her Person even though I can’t be with her.  I know I made the right decision to take her in… it just makes me really sad to know that her 6 siblings are still off to the humane society on Friday because they all have great personalities and deserve loving homes.  I pray that the rest of them will get placed with families quickly. :(

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4 Responses to The story of Little Miss Freya Ahnung

  1. Jenn says:

    “The mother is a husky/malamute mix and the dad is a rottweiler” wow! Big but all such good breeds. I need to see some pics.

    I ‘ll be praying the others get forever homes real fast.

  2. Jenn says:

    DUH, I see the photo now ! It wasn’t loading for me before. OH, so cute!

  3. Pauline says:

    Oh, that makes me sad that the siblings are off to the humane society. I’m glad your baby loves you.

  4. Kit-Kat says:

    PUPPY UPDATE: two more of the pups are gone! Both males… my other two favorite dogs of the litter. All that’s left now are 4 of the females. smile

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