17 Crisps

Did you know that there are 17 crisps in a serving size of Pringles? I rejoined Weight Watchers so this is stuff I have to keep track of again.  I joined about a week and a half ago but I set last Wednesday as my “official” start date.  I got Fabulously Curvy up & running somewhat so you can track my progress.  I decided against having a blog section for Curvy because, well, I hardly update my main blog as it is and I don’t want to turn Curvy into “this is what I ate today” or a “boo hoo, I’m failing” fest.  So I decided to do something a little different over there.  In the next day or two I’m adding a couple modules.  In addition to tracking my weight, I will track the miles I bike and number of steps walk each day.

Bike Module
I bought a bike trainer several years ago but it got lost in the shuffle of my many moves.  ExH2 found it in his Mom’s garage when we split up so he put it in the garage.  And there it sat for 8 months.  Last week I rearranged my living room so I have room to bring my bike and the trainer indoors until it gets nice enough for me to bike outside.  I’m going to track the miles I bike on Fabulously Curvy. I’m hoping to bike to work once in a while after the weather warms up but I have some details to work out… like my Boss wanting to be work at the a different location 5 miles up the road every afternoon. Not so sure I want to be gross and sweaty every afternoon.

Walking Module
My employer is starting a walking challenge on May 1.  I’m going to track my steps daily and joining America on the Move so I can keep myself motivated.  I’m going to start tracking my steps prior to the Tribal Walking Challenge.  I have yet to decide if I want to start my AoM challenge immediately or at the same time as the TWC starts.  The AoM Challenges are 6 weeks long and the TWC is 10 weeks long. SO… I don’t know yet. But if the 3 of you that still read my blog and work for the same employer, would you like to join AoM as a group? smile

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6 Responses to 17 Crisps

  1. Bonnie says:

    LMAO @ “But if the 3 of you that still read my blog and work for the same employer”

    I’ll join. I need all of the motivation I can get.

    It’s funny that we posted about health & fitness on the same day.

  2. Kit-Kat says:

    @Bonnie: LOL… well, there are actually still about 7 or so people that still read my blog but 3 of you work for the same employer. lol! We need to come up with a group name for AoM. Once I create the group it’ll give me a group code for the individual memberships.

  3. Susie says:

    I already have an account at AoM. But I can join your group…if you want me too raspberry

  4. Jenn says:

    My sister does WW and loves it !

  5. Kit-Kat says:

    @Jenn I was in WW years ago and loved it, too. I certainly make much more conscious decisions. Last night I looked at a Kit-Kat bar thinking “is it really worth giving up all this other food I’d be able to eat?” After staring at it for about 1/2 hour I decided it was. LOL

  6. prisspants says:

    Congratulations. I did WW online and stunk at it. I really think that I need the support system. I’m getting ready to have back surgery and really need to get back on WW post-op. Good luck.


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