Heaven Is…

…No longer driving StupidLilRezCar
…No longer worrying about making it 20 miles down the road without my transmission blowing up
…No longer watching an embarrassing blue cloud follow me down the road
…No longer having to smell whatever fluid felt like dripping and burning off
…No longer having a shaky steering wheel from a bad front end
…No longer being embarrassed about driving a Rusty Bucket when I have a pretty decent income
…Not having to drive 25mph because we got 1/2” of snow

…Being able to jam to kick ass tunes because ALL the speakers work
…Being able to charge my phone and have my RoadTrip plugged in at the same time
…Having the option to tow stuff
…Having a shit-ton of room so I can haul MORE stuff back & forth every weekend.
…Owning an SUV instead of an itty bitty car
…Owning a JEEP again

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One Response to Heaven Is…

  1. Jenn says:

    I love thsi list. I so agree !

    By the way, I tagged you this mornign with a blog award. smile

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