The good, the bad, and the ugly

This has definitely been a trying week. Instead of this being a whining, bitching entry, I’ll post pros and cons!


  • Because of bad weather I was trapped out of town so I had a long weekend
  • I’m planning a trip to Vegas in April
  • I got a shit-ton of housework done
  • My new debit card with my correct last name finally came in. And only 3 months after I changed my name at the bank.
  • I have checks again. I never realized how much of a pain in the toosh not having checks for 4 months could be.


  • My car is urinating transmission fluid. It needs a diaper or something.
  • My job has me contemplating a new career path. The kicker is I love what I do and I love my employer.
  • I still have a shit-ton of housework to do.
  • This winter has me on the edge of losing my mind. I can’t take the cold anymore.
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