Now That’s Fruity

Last night I was IMing with a friend of mine and was trying to come up with a new cocktail since it’s been forever since I posted something on Yummy Sips… so I started listing my “inventory” to get ideas from him.

Me: i have 99 bananas, grey goose le citron, absolut raspberri, apple pucker, island blue pucker, triple sec….
Him: oh weird
Me: tequila, cap’n… and rose’s & grenadine
Me: i also have orange juice, cranberry juice, apple juice, diet coke, and fresca
Me: wait. dammit. i’m out of triple sec.
Me: what’s weird?
Him: you have a fruit basket of alcohol
Me: bwah-hahahahahaha!

I didn’t end up coming up with a new drink but my “alcohol basics” will be referred to as my fruit basket forever more.


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