Fight for Your Right to Paaaaartay

Okay, maybe not party so much as gaming in my case, but anyway…  I’ve had a few people express their opinions about how much I play video games and that I need to do something else with my time.

I’m really trying to figure out why there’s such an issue with me gaming.  This isn’t anything “new” since my split.  I’ve been playing video games for quite some time.  I just wasn’t as public about it as I am now.  I still do other things that I enjoy even though I don’t talk about them with the excitement I do when I talk about new games. And, think about it for a while… I’m saving money, my lungs & perhaps a few eggs in my fertility-challenged body by not going out on a regular basis anymore.  I’m a shopaholic who likes to make impulse purchases so, even though I’m spending money on games, I’m still saving buckets of money by not going to the mall or other stores frequently.  Plus, how is gaming any worse than spending time the time surfing the net all day?  I game online so I’m building up a little social network and I still get out and socialize with people face to face.  The only thing I’ve really neglected since I got my Xbox 360 is my kitchen (haha).

Besides, those of you that know me personally know how I chatter obsessively about anything “new” to me.  I’ve done it with my cell phones, iPods, laptops, and any other technology related item I’ve come in contact with.  So what’s the deal?  Just because its not something you enjoy doesn’t make it a bad thing.

FYI – I game with some hotties. wink

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3 Responses to Fight for Your Right to Paaaaartay

  1. Tasha says:

    I go through phases with gaming, right now I’m in my off stage but only because life has become so busy.

  2. Kurt says:

    You should be proud of being a gamer…I have been a gamer for a long time and I’m always ready to welcome another geek to the fold.

    Now if Tiff can just get you to play World of Warcraft with her.

  3. Kit-Kat says:

    Ohhhhh… I bought WoW in just before my birthday but only played a couple hours cuz I got my 360 like 4 days later. LOL

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