Cuz I’m trying not to depend on anyone else…

I have various little projects to do around the house and no longer have access to any tool I could ever want & somebody to do it for me.  I’m finding it frustrating as hell so about two weeks ago I purchased a screw driver set that has a bajillion different bits and last night I picked up a baby cordless drill.  I was also looking at getting a little jigsaw thingie type deal but my fear of sharp objects talked me out of it.  BUT… my fear of sharp objects is starting to diminish because I’m forced to use knives again (for something other than cutting the food on my plate – like food prep).  I realized how much that phobia started disappearing when I was digging through boxes last night and found the little sucker that sliced off the tip of my right pinky and made me fear all sharp objects. I think I may be ready to get the saw thingie in a couple more weeks!

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  1. Pauline says:

    Whoo hoo!! You have your own cordless drill! Hmmm…I wonder if I should get one? Oh, and does that mean you’ll start using the little sucker again? cool grin

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