How to make your big sister blush

I never thought it I’d be able to do it but I was actually able to make Bonnie blush.  Here’s how:

  1. Wait until she has a brand new boyfriend
  2. Go out to dinner with them
  3. Wait til she’s had a few cocktails
  4. Show her suggestive words that your cellphone’s intellitype comes up with when you try to type other words (for example: start typing thru & show her that intellitype wants to auto complete the word thrust)

I found this method to be effective as well:

  1. Wait til she has a brand new boyfriend
  2. Also wait until the first girl’s weekend comes around after she starts dating said boyfriend
  3. Gather all the girls in one room
  4. Start doing jello shots
  5. Wait ‘til her cell phone is sitting in front of you & starts ringing.
  6. Take a peek to see who’s calling her
  7. Hand her the phone and just as she’s answering say “It’s your booooyfriend!”
  8. Start giggling hysterically
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One Response to How to make your big sister blush

  1. Bonnie says:

    OMFG! Notice how both #1’s are “Wait til she has a brand new boyfriend”.

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