She’s the cutest

I don’t know if it is because I don’t have kids and love to soak up any time I can get with them or if she’s really that adorable… but my NeighborBaby is the cutest ever.  It started last summer where she’d wonder over and sit on the steps with us.  She never really said much (I’m guessing because she was only 2) but she’d come over to see us and the dogs anyway.  When she first started coming over it really surprised her mom because she never did that with strangers.  This year she comes running over to me full blast with open arms yelling my name.

One night last week I was sitting outside at our table playing on my laptop and I heard her tell her Mom she was going outside to see me.  She came walking over, pulled up a chair and asked what I was doing on my ‘puter.  This has become a pretty common occurrance lately.  It is quite entertaining seeing life through the eyes of a 3 year old and I look forward to our almost daily visits.  One day she described in great detail what the characters on her dad’s video game do… this included flopping back into the seat of the chair and shaking like one of the characters do when they get shot.  Yes, possibly violent for a 3 year old to see but funny as all hell to see it acted out.

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