I think I had one too many cups

I think I had one too many cups of coffee this morning.  I normally talk fast as it is but I’m finding that people really have to concentrate on what I’m saying because i’mtalkinglikethis.  On the upside, I’m not dragging toosh yet.  Notice I said yet.  I’ll come crashing down in a couple hours.  About that time I’ll have to drink The 16 oz. Double Strength Double Size Sugar Free RockStar Energy Drink.

Oh yeah, did I mention I only slept 3 hours again last night?  The 4 nights of 6ish hours of sleep was heaven but I had a feeling it wasn’t going to last long.  I’d really like to take something to help me sleep to get a full night’s rest but I’m on call & I really can’t sleep through a page… or have a page wake me up after taking something cuz that’s way worse then running on a couple hours of sleep a night.

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