Now how did I do that?

Last night Jeanne, Ruth, Rachel & I went to casino in Keshena for our quarterly girl’s trip.  Area Code was playing there this weekend and we haven’t seen them for a while.  It was a lot of fun in spite of the fact that security came & yelled at us for taking pictures (we didn’t know cameras were a no-no there).  My friend Lona joined us then took us out & about when the band was done.  It was SO much fun.  However, my left wrist hurts.  Either I slept on it all night or I hurt it when Ruth pushed me off the bed.  I’m 95% sure I slept on it but seeing that things get fuzzy once we got back to the hotel I can’t rule anything out.

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2 Responses to Now how did I do that?

  1. Bonnie says:

    & I missed it. ::: wiping tear from cheek :::

    (Psssst … you smileys are broken.)

  2. Kit-Kat says:

    Fudge. I’ll have to fix ’em.
    :-* We missed you being there!

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