You ever have one of those words that just universally bugs you?  By universally I mean it doesn’t matter who says it or when it is used – it just irritates you to hear the word.  For me it is the word utilize.  Yesterday I saw a posting that said “please utilize the old forms” blah blah blah.  There it was staring at me in the face…. then it set my mind off on how much I detest the word.  I guess it bugs me because the dictionary plainly says “to make use of.”  So why the hell don’t you just say use?  Use is only one syllable, utilize is three.  I only remember using it once myself (on a cover letter) although I’m sure there were one or two more instances.  But because I loathe the word and I didn’t want any other prospective employer looking at my cover letter thinking “why didn’t she say utilize instead of use?”, I changed that entire sentence.  Did you know utilize is even a keyword to use on a cover letter?  Yup.  It is – but I don’t care because I can’t stand the word.  Its an impostor that can’t come up with it’s own definition so it decided to pick on use.

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2 Responses to Utilize

  1. Bonnie says:

    ROFLMAO … you need a category for “Words That Bug Me”.

    Make sure texted is added to that list. :D

  2. Sharon says:

    ;D You could also call that category “Totally Useless Words”!

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