What to do?

Tuesday a mandatory required update was released for Movable Type.  They say it’s required for all previous versions.  Mandatory.  Required.  Do you know how many MT sites I manage/upgrade?  Maybe manage is the wrong word but if something breaks, I fix it.  Anyway, there are like 5-6ish.  I know that’s not a huge amount but it is still time consuming especially since the upgrade to 3.3x will break certain plugins.  This isn’t a big deal on most of the sites.  In fact it could very well not break any sites except one… my family’s site.  The site Bonnie & I invested hours into to get it functioning and looking the way we wanted.  How frustrating.  What’s worse is that they’re saying “There are currently no known malicious exploits targeting Movable Type for these issues.” Yet they’re going to disclose what the exploits are in a few days – and they’re waiting a few days because of the severity of the issues.  I’m not happy.

So now I’m faced with a decision.  Do I want to upgrade MT on the family site and look at hours of work to get it functioning correctly again just to have them release yet another upgrade in the future that will break stuff?  Or, do I spend hours to convert to the site to ExpressionEngine and get the customization I want without depending on plugins?  The biggest reason I haven’t said eff it and just do the conversion is because I hate to change the platform on the family again – for the third time.

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  1. Sharon says:

    Yuck! I don’t envy the work you have ahead of you to upgrade our sites!

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