So I Lied

I didn’t post yesterday but I am today.  I have a really good excuse, though.  After work I called Bonnie to see if we were getting together to work on a project but she thought it was too hot to work outside.  I was tired of sitting home doing absolutely nothing and I had no desire to look in another bin.  So what did I do?  I rearranged my living room.  I started about 6:30 and finished about 9:00.  It took so long because 1) my living room was a disaster, 2) I wanted to vacuum and dust as I was moving stuff, 3) have you ever seen all the equipment we have on our entertainment center? 4) untangling cords sucks, and 5) it was flippin’ hot in the house.  We’re getting our cable hooked up tomorrow so I’m going to move the cable line from the old spot to the new spot so the dude just has to turn it on outside then come in and plug in the cable box.  I can’t wait to be able to use my TiVo again.  My poor boyfriend has been so lonely.  Last night I promised I’d never neglect him again.

Tonight I get to tackle the bedroom and start on the computer room. Feng Shui attack?  I think so.

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