When it rains, it pours

I suppose that statement is true because everytime it’s rained in the past few days it’s been in short, heavy downpours.  But I’m not here to talk about the rain.  Adam got news yesterday that he might be able to start a new job on Monday.  If so, he’ll leave for a week long orientation class on Sunday night.  They aren’t sure if the class will be in Chicago or Green Bay right now.  Originally when they told him, it was going to be in Green Bay but when he talked to them yesterday, it could be Chicago.  Either way, it sounds like he’ll have a new, permanent job soon.  If he’s not able to get into orientation next week, he’d start on July 10.  After his orientation, he’ll have 6 weeks of training in Madison.  I’m super excited about the new job/more money thing.  I’m not thrilled about hardly seeing my husband this summer.  Not thrilled at all.  He’ll be home on the weekends but still… even now it rips my heart to shreds when I’m reminded about the 3 months I didn’t see him while he was down south last year.  I suppose if that wasn’t still fresh in my head I wouldn’t take him being gone so hard.  At least with my new job I’ll actually be able to spend time with him while he’s home on the weekend!

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