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Earlier this week I added another new feature to my sidebar called Flavor of the Moment.  I love testing out new cocktail recipes so when I find one I love (or stumble upon accidentally cuz I ran out of ingredients for a particular drink without realizing it), I’ll post it.  I’m calling it Flavor of the Moment rather then “of the Day, Week, or Month” because I just never know when the mood hits me.  It’s great because it acts as an archive for me so I can remember what I’ve tried.  If you’re afraid you’ve missed a recipe, you can look up the archived recipes by looking in my categories.

My first recipe is one that I stumbled upon accidentally because I ran out of ingredients to make both a Cosmopolitan and Appletini, two of my favorite drinks.  So I improvised, added them together, and my CranAppleTini was born.

Drop me an email if you think there’s a drink that I have to try… or you want posted.  If I love it, I’ll add it to my archives and give you credit!  Oh yes, Flavor of the Moment won’t be limited to just cocktails… every now and then I’ll throw on a smoothie or other non-alcoholic beverage!

Update:  Apparently my archives aren’t functioning correctly… Once they are you’ll be able to look at my archived Flavor of the Month!

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  1. Sharon says:

    Your CranAppleTini sounds like it would be really yummy in a frozen version – you know, blended w/ice instead of shaken. YUM!!!

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