Day in Pictures

Tonight Adam & I went to pick up a few things we had on layaway at Walmart.  We got a new clock for the kitchen, two table lamps, and an accent lamp.  It’s SO nice to have lighting in the living room now.

New Kitchen Clock New Table Lamp & Shade New Accent Lamp

There was also a really heavy downpour early in the evening that caused some flooding.  Adam told me about a couple places came home from getting an oil change so we jumped in the truck to check it out.  Here are a few pictures we took…

Flooded Street This would have been knee deep on me. Another Flooded Street Flood near Gas Station

The last thumbnail is the aftermath.  Flooding went up to the sidewalk but the water levels went down before we were able to get back there.  The sidewalk was a nasty mess & the pretty flowers were beat up pretty bad.

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