Sleepless Days and Sleepless Nights

I’ve spent the majority of the past 36 hours working on tweaking my blog.  Yes, when I say majority, I mean the majority.  I think I slept a total of 8 hours in the past two days and two of that was napping from a migraine.  As you can see my blog has a new look which means I did the big move.  It’s one of the canned themes from ExpressEngine but it will have to suffice until I’m get everything functioning the way I want it to.  The theme had a lot of issues and since I used the thing for most of the blogs I’m running off EE, they all have the same stupid problems.  *sigh*

I had one big issue with Chunkie Butt that took up about 6 hours last night.  There was a stupid duplicating date issue that I couldn’t figure out.  Nothing else about the entries would duplicate AND the dates it duplicated weren’t even the dates of the entries.  It would duplicate Feb 2 twice, March 3 three times, and April 4 four times…. like it was stuck in a stupid loop.  I wanted to scream.  I only had the issue in one idiotic little spot (the progress chart).  And what good is a progress chart if it doesn’t accurately chart your progress?!  So, finally about 3:00 this morning it fixed itself.  I’m not saying that I fixed it because I did a copy/paste from the user guide and what I was copy/pasting was the exact friggin’ thing I had in the template to begin with, which is the exact friggin’ thing I copy/pasted earlier in the day.  Do you have any shred of an idea how irritating that is?  I hope not for your sake cuz, let me tell you, it’s so irritating my monitor nearly hit the floor when it decided to work.  *gah*  I shouldn’t have brought it up cuz the frustration level about the whole ordeal is rising again.  I’m glad it’s working but still… all those hours…. one simple tag…. *sigh*

So anyway…  Since I haven’t been sleeping lately, when I do it’s a very hard sleep that I don’t easily wake from.  This morning minutes before Adam woke me up to tell me he was leaving for work I realized I was sleeping on my arm and I couldn’t move it.  It was numb, cold, and lifeless from my elbow to my fingertips.  I grabbed my arm with the other hand to help move it and it felt like it shrunk.  LOL  I don’t even know how long it took for the blood to start flowing through and the numbness to wear off but my lordy… what an experience.  I think he tried to give me a kiss goodbye and I think I said I couldn’t move cuz my arm was dead but don’t quote me on that.  I was still pretty much out of it and vaguely remember talking to him at all.  Lesson learned:  If you’re a stomach sleeper, don’t sleep with your arm underneath you if you got big boobs cuz they will completely cut off circulation.

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3 Responses to Sleepless Days and Sleepless Nights

  1. Bonnie says:

    I don’t know if trying to decide which CMS to change to or dealing with trackback spam is more stressful for me.

    I hope you’re napping now and getting caught up on some sleep.

  2. Jeanne says:

    Looking good so far! I really like the weather thingy and “Most Popular Entries”. ROFL @ being at the stomach sleep with big boobs!

  3. Sharon says:

    Oh gosh… I know very well about that stomach sleeping thingy. Nearly every a.m. I wake up with something numb. Glad you got that issue with your blog worked out. Sounds like it was pretty frustrating!

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