Things to do when you can’t sleep

  1. Catch up on laundry
  2. Put away dishes that are in the dishwasher
  3. Work on your blog
  4. Listen to strange voices outside your window
  5. Get clothes ready to go to the gym in the event insomnia doesn’t wear off
  6. Listen to the birds chirp
  7. Listen to doggies snore
  8. Resist urge to wake up the hubby to tell him something “super duper important”
  9. Stare at a TV that’s not turned on
  10. Job hunt while wishing the place you recently applied will call soon
  11. Read about nachos then crave them
  12. Resist urge to wake up sleeping doggies for some early morning play time (they’ll fall asleep again anyway)
  13. Pretend like you’re interested in reading a book you know you’ll never read because you’re really not interested in it
  14. Blog about things you do when you can’t sleep
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