I’m fed up with the server my site is on (just mine, everyone else who has an account with me doesn’t have the issues I’m dealing with) so I’m moving to a new server (again, just my site and it’s to a server with the same host).  The reason I’m fed up is because I’ve been dealing with time issues for the past 6-7 months.  For whatever reason the time jumps ahead, not just by a minute or two, I’m talking a few hours.  So, nifty things I’ve paid for won’t work correctly cuz the time doesn’t sync up correctly.  I’ve talked to the host and their solution is “the time on the server will sync automatically with our time server.”  Yeah, well, that takes days to happen and when it does, I’ve got about a 2 day window where things work right.  This same server had stability issues a year ago and would go down whenever it felt like it.  Enough is enough.

So yesterday I started the ridiculous task of moving my photo gallery.  If any of you have visited my photo gallery, you know how huge it is.  I have over 2,600 photos in there.  That’s a whole bunch.  So, I had to download all my pictures then upload them again on my new server.  I’m also switching back from Coppermine to Gallery.  I just like it better.  It has added security stuff & better modules.

When I move the rest of my site over, I’m switch my blog from Movable Type to ExpressEngine.  It has added security stuff & better plug-ins.

Moving sucks.  I’ll be glad when it’s done.

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