Math 101: 3+2 = 4

I did it again.  I couldn’t add, subtract, multiply, or divide at work last night.  No math skills whatsoever.  I called a 3 + 2 a hard 4 (which is a 2/2 combination of the dice, for those of you who don’t know craps).  A hard four would have been a winner – a big winner.  Thank god no payouts were made cuz the dealer was rounding and saw how the dice actually landed.  Then… I couldn’t multiply 24*3—two rolls in a row.  Instead, I told the dealer, “Yeah, what you’re paying him” then “do what you did last time”. LOL A short time later I thought 11*5 was 60, not 55.  And one roll later 10 * 4 -35 = no change.  These are only a few of the mistakes that I remember.  I know I had at least two more.  To top it off, all of this was in one round – which was only 40 minutes long last night.

Think I need to get off the night shift?  Me thinks so.

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2 Responses to Math 101: 3+2 = 4

  1. Pauline says:

    I know nothing about craps, so we can add together, okay? Let me go and get my 10-key calculator!

  2. Sharon says:

    Ughh… I remember the days when I used to have problems making payouts. My mind was everywhere else but the game.

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