Tonight was a very odd night at work… nothing odd happened but the mood was just weird.  Since I was couldn’t get over how odd the mood was, I started thinking about stuff to blog.  Early in the night I thought about blogging about the retired armed forces dude that had a weird old man smell.  It wasn’t like an Old Spice smell but it was just, I dunno, a weird old man smell.  Then I thought about blogging about SnaggleTooth, who just cracks me right up because he always repeats everything he says.  Repeats everthing he says.  It’s hilarious.  And because he has weird teeth, when he smiles it’s a cross between goofy and evil.

About midway through the night, I realized I wasn’t really paying attention to the game because I was concentrating so hard on the atmosphere around me.  I apparently forgot how to add because 5+2 was 9, not 7.  I did something similar a few nights ago (3+2=9) but that time it was because I thought one of the dice stopped before it actually did.

About twenty minutes later I was at the next position on the table when my eye started twitching.  I know I haven’t talked about this before but I developed this weird twitch that only occurs while I’m at work.  Sometimes it’s my left eye, sometimes it’s my upper lip, and sometimes it rotates between the two.  The people I work with crack up whenever I say that the weird twitching started up because I’m super self-consious about people thinking that I’m either winking or puckerin’ my lips at them.  But anyway, now that I have the backround story explained, the twitching this started.  I closed my left eye so the twitching would stop and one of the other dealers that knows about the whole wink/pucker thing saw it so he winked back at me.  The table was really quiet at that moment and I started laughing – really loud – because I wasn’t expecting him to wink back at me.  Nobody else saw the wink so after the whole 5+2=9 thing they thought I was crackin’ up.

Gah – as if I didn’t have enough craps…. the episode of Sex and the City I’m watching right now has them in Atlantic City playing craps.  I need to go skip this episode because I’ve had enough casino for one night. smile

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4 Responses to Randomness

  1. Bonnie says:

    This entry made me giggle.

  2. Pauline says:

    Heehee! At that point, I think I would have cracked up too. Everyone else but you and the other craps dealer must have thought you were off your rocker!

  3. Sharon says:

    Ah-haha!!! Funny!!

  4. Jeanne says:

    Too funny. It’s weird cuz my one of my eyes was twitching the other day too. Thank goodness it only did when customers weren’t around! :D

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