Year in Review

Since I decided not to make any New Year’s Resolutions this year, I thought I’d do a little year in review type thing to summarize 2005.  It sure was fun reading through my old posts & remembering everything that happened throughout the year.  However, I can’t believe how much I was crabby & sick.  I so seriously needed my pending move out of Baraga County.  I have a totally new outlook on life.  It’s amazing how a move can do that for you.  I’m so excited for 2006 I can’t stand it.  There are so many upcoming changes for me & Adam and we get to be there for each other every step of the way.

So, without further ado, my 2005 Year in Review…

January: Rang in the New Year with a flu.  I ordered a dress to wear on our honeymoon & was on a hunt for shoes.  Adam started his winter semester @ NMU.  I was suppose to start painting the living room.

February:  Went on our honeymoon cruise to Key West & Cozumel.  Got stuck at the detroit airport on the way home for 5 hours.  We got rearended in Iron Mountain while driving the car on the way home from the Green Bay airport.  We bought my truck (formerly adam’s truck) shortly after we returned home from the cruise.

March:  I was bringing alot of work home with me so I could keep up with the workload.  And, I got rearended in the parking lot at work exactly 1 month after I was rearended in Iron Mountain and had to drive Adam’s red Ranger.  I also vowed not to sleep so I could get a new skin done for my blog.

April: We started the kitchen remodel.  I learned to use the grill on my own.  I was diagnosed with Walking Pneumonia.  I booked a bunch of training so I could become a Cert-a-fried SupaGeek ™.  I was excited (but not surprised) to learn that my inner European is Italian.  And… I removed nearly 1000 viruses off a single computer.

May:  I started my quest to decorate my office & was on the hunt for a clock.  (I never did get my office decorated, btw.)  Adam & I celebrated our 1st Anniversary & took a trip to Minneapolis.  I attended CCNA training in Chicago.

June:  We had a s’mores party with the neighbor girls and Sean.  I went to my MSCA bootcamp and Adam planted our garden while I was away… only to have the deer eat the tops off our tomato plants within a couple weeks.

July:  We canceled our cable & I swore I’d die without being able to watch Sex and the City.  I became MSCA certified.  We splashed around in the Meshigaud’s new swimming pool and Reggie decided he wanted to swim, too, so he dove in.  While at the KBIC Pow-wow, people thought either Jeanne or Pauline was my mom.  AND – I got my iPod mini.  AND – I attended Packers Training Camp with the girls.

August:  My boobies’ were named Beavis and Butthead.  I started my bloggiversary goal.  I fell in love with Jumbo (now known as Isaac).  And Chip moved in with us and I was scarred for lifed cuz I saw him in his underwear.  I had an anxiety attack at work and figured it was cuz I had to stay home one weekend and not see Bonnie.  I couldn’t sleep at night because I kept worrying that they guys were going to sleep in for work so I was up by 5 a.m. everyday.  I was craving girl interaction by the end of the month because there was too much testosterone in the house.  Adam & I ended the month by going to the Duck Races and Seafood Fest with Bonnie.

September:  I couldn’t take not having cable anymore so I called to have the basic channels hooked up.  Adam & I went Salmon fishing with Bonnie & Chip over Labor Day Weekend.  It was 92 degrees on September 12.  I went to CPTS Training where I learned all about ethical hacking.  I made my bloggiversary goal – right on the button.  I freaked out because I was tired of staying in hotels since I went to so much training over the summer.  And, I took a week off to celebrate my 31st birthday.

October: We started out October by a small flood in our basement – so we started to move out of the house.  It was 35 degrees & snowing on October 7.  We finally finished the kitchen remodel project with Chip’s help.  Adam bought a truck, camper, and trailer and head for New Orleans to help with the hurricane clean-up.  Reggie forgot how to run on ice & slammed into the house – I laughed at him.

November:  I booked Adam a flight home for Thanksgiving Week from New Orleans.  I signed up for a flicker account so I could moblog just in time for a fabulous girl’s weekend in Green Bay.  I changed Adam’s plane ticket because his crew moved to Miami.  I finished packing up our house.  I enjoyed Thanksgiving week with my hubby.  And, for the first time in 9 years, I was successfully able to take a cute picture of Reggie & Denzel together.

December:  I went to New York with Bonnie.  Got sick – again.  Tried to find my Christmas Spirit.  Got the best Christmas Present Ever when Adam came home a week early.  Put in my 2 week notice at work.  Enjoyed Christmas with mine & Adam’s families.  Worked on a Christmas gift for Shelby.

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