Finally Finished!

Adam & I have been working on a project all week that pretty much consumed every waking moment.  Well, not every one but lots. smile  I’ll post pics tomorrow after we return from delivering the project to De Pere (it’s Shelby’s Christmas present).

The idea for the project started almost 2 months ago when I was surfing a web site & fell in love with something I saw.  I knew immediately that I wanted Shelby to have one.  Since Adam was on his way down south, I knew he wouldn’t be able to help me with the construction so I put the idea in the back of my head.  Around Thanksgiving or so I asked Bonnie if she’d help me with the project.  She agreed to but with me only being down here on the weekends ,both of us being sick at separate times & other holiday business, we didn’t get around to it.  Disappointed, I started looking for other gifts for Shelby.  Then Adam came home early!  Last week while we were up north, I rattled the idea off to him.  I dragged him up to my office and said, “I want us to make this for Shelby for Christmas.”  Keep in mind, this was 4 days before Christmas and even though I mentioned the project to him before he never saw what it actually looked like.  He looked at me like I was nuts, sighed, and said he’d see what he could do.  Since my inspiration page didn’t have exact measurements, I went surfing to get a general so we could buy some of the materials on our way home on Thursday.

We bought all the paint we needed for the project on Friday and decided to tell Mike & Dawn that we had a gift for Shelby but we couldn’t deliver it until late this week because it still had to be constructed.  Monday when we woke up we picked up the rest of the wood we thought we’d need then came home went to work.  We got everything cut to size, sanded, & primed that day.  Tuesday we put on the first coat of paint on everything and added an extra little detail to the project.  Then on Wednesday we put the major pieces together, filled in the screw holes with putty, and Adam got to sand the mess I made out of the putty.  We also picked up the brackets & wood that we couldn’t get from the furniture store.  This morning I painted over the parts that Adam had to sand cuz I was messy and we finished putting the project together tonight.

I am so in love with the finished product(s) that I would have slept by it if Adam would have let me (and if the basement floor wasn’t so cold).  I learned a lot from Adam working while we were on this.  The whole project probably would have gone by faster if 1) I wasn’t so anal, 2) Adam didn’t have to stop and explain everything to me, 3) I could putty without making a big mess, 4) I wasn’t afraid of power tools, and 5) I could go just ONCE without getting paint all over myself.  That’s okay, though.  It was awesome being able to spend so much time with Adam.  I can’t wait to deliver it tomorrow.  I hope Mike, Dawn & Shelby love it as much as we do!

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  1. Sharon says:

    /chitchat/smilies/jasons_smilies/rainbow/wink.gif I saw the design sheet and I can’t wait to see pics of the finished product! Bet Shelby was thrilled!</img>

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